Proficiency Tests

Arabic Proficiency Test

Please note that the proficiency examination is a separate requirement from the OPI exam for Arabic majors and minors.

BSFS/MSFS Students:

Sign-ups for the Spring Semester Proficiency Exam is now open and will end on March 24th 5pm. Spring 18 proficiency/OPI exam will be administered between April 3rd to 30th. Starting Spring 2018, all SFS students taking Arabic proficiency exam or OPI must sign up online and deliver a $25 deposit check (or exact cash amount) at the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies office located in Poulton #200.


**Students who postpone their exam after agreeing to a time with the Proctor will forfeit their deposit. Should the student then postpone a second time, they will have to pay an additional deposit of $25.**

  • In order to sign up for the proficiency exam, you are required to provide a check made out to Georgetown University for $25.00 to hold your exam spot. If you fail to show up for your scheduled appointment, your check will be cashed. 
    • Please note that students must pick up their deposit by the last day of classes in which the exam was taken, or it will be deposited. If you were not able to find the front-desk staff to obtain your check, you MUST rightaway send an e-mail to indicating as such. THE DEPARTMENT CAN NOT REIMBURSE DEPOSITS FROM PRIOR SEMESTERS.
  • After the sign-up period ends, you will be contacted to schedule a date for your exam within the exam period listed above.

NOTE: All students (including heritage speakers) are expected to perform this exam in MSA.

BSFS students must have completed at least ARAB 216 to attempt the Proficiency Test.

MSFS students must have completed ARAB 112 and have started either ARAB 215 or ARAB 213 to attempt the Proficiency Test.

IMPORTANT: Students who took ARAB 215/216 (or their equivalents) abroad must first take the PLACEMENT exam before they can sign up for the proficiency exam. Please contact the department to schedule a time to do so prior to proficiency sign-ups. If students fail to place out of 216 they can enroll in Arab 213/214.

Proficiency tests for BSFS/ MSFS students are conducted in November and April of each year. The format of the test is an oral interview lasting between 30 minutes. Students will also be asked comprehension questions on a short reading passage provided to them 15 minutes before the test. To pass proficiency, BSFS students must receive a rating of at least “Advanced low” based on ACTFL guidelines. The MSFS test is identical in format, however students are rated on a different scale detailed on the MSFS Language Proficiency Examination Form.


OPI tests for MAAS students also take place in November and April of each year. The test is a 30 minute oral interview conducted in MSA. To pass the OPI, MAAS students must receive a rating of at least “Advance Mid” based on ACTFL guidelines.

Arabic Majors:

In April of each year, Arabic majors who are enrolled in Arabic language courses, are required to take an oral proficiency interview (OPI, not the same as the proficiency exam required by SFS), lasting approximately 30 minutes. This is a departmental requirement. Students who do not take the test will have their Arabic final grades withheld for the semester. Majors do not need to sign-up for this exam, but will be contacted in late March with more information concerning the date and time of the test.

This test will also be based on ACTFL guidelines.

Hebrew Proficiency Test

Hebrew proficiency date and deadline this semester will be the following: To sign up for the exam please contact Sylvia Onder

Students are required to complete three years of Hebrew in the university level before taking the exam. The Exam is offered in November and April. The format of the exam for BSFS and MSFS students includes an oral interview of 30-40 minutes and a reading comprehension text that would be provided to students 15 minutes before the beginning of the exam. In order to pass the exam, students are expected to perform at the minimum level of Advanced Low, in accordance with ACTFL guidelines.

Persian Proficiency Test


We recommend students finish three years of Persian before taking BSFS/ MSFS proficiency tests. Proficiency tests for BSFS/ MSFS students are conducted in November and April of each year. The BSFS format is an oral interview lasting between 30-40 minutes. To pass proficiency, BSFS students must receive a rating of at least “Advanced low” based on ACTFL guidelines. The MSFS format includes an oral reading comprehension section in addition to an oral interview. The total test lasts approximately 40-45 min. To schedule at Persian proficiency test, please contact Professor Farima Mostowfi.