Sakka Family Fund Visiting Scholars

AMMAR KHAMMASH (2019/2020)


Ammar Khammash is well-established in Jordan and internationally for his knowledge of Jordan’s cultural and natural heritage. He is an expert in local building techniques and traditions; has extensive knowledge of the geology of Jordan and its natural features; and is one of the few architects who are interested in medicinal plants and using them as a viable tool in socio-economic development. This section includes research and publications by Khammash on numerous topics including design, architecture, environment, paleontology, and geology from 1986 till the present.

MAHDI ARAR (2017/2018)

Interests: Linguistic studies, texts investigating, linguistic research, lexicography, and cultural studies on aspects of thought and philosophy of language, Quran studies, and manuscripts.

QASSIM HADDAD (2016/2017)

Qassim Haddad was born in Bahrain in 1948 and did not complete his secondary education, having educated himself over the years. Haddad first rose to prominence with his poetry that contained revolutionary and political themes such as freedom. He published his first poetic collection titled Good Omen in 1970 and has since published more than 16 books, including Majnun Laila, a book of poetry and paintings, and a book of poetry in collaboration with Saudi photographer Saleh al-Azzaz. In 2007, Haddad created controversy when he reworked the Arabic classic Layla and Majnun, with Marcel Khalife which fundamentalists believed undermined Islamic morals. Haddad is also the co-founder and chairman of the Bahraini Writers’ Union.