Arabic and Islamic Studies Faculty

Ghayda Al-Ali

Associate Teaching Professor
Email: ga411@georgetown.edu
Interests: News Discourse Analysis of Arabic print media and its interaction with the western media




Huda al-Mufti

Assistant Teaching Professor
Email: hwa2@georgetown.edu
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Belkacem Baccouche

Assistant Teaching Professor
Email: baccoucb@georgetown.edu
Interests: Arabic Literature & Interpretation
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Jonathan Brown

Associate Professor 
Email: brownj2@georgetown.edu
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Elliott Colla

Associate Professor
Email: Elliott.Colla@georgetown.edu
Interests: The links between social movements and literary production
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Emma Gannagé

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Email: epg23@georgetown.edu
Interests: The transmission and reception of Greek philosophy into Arabic; Arabic and Islamic philosophy; Arabic Medicine and its relationship to Philosophy; Arabic Manuscripts
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Hanaa Kilany

Associate Teaching Professor
Email: hk229@georgetown.edu
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Farima Mostowfi

Associate Teaching Professor (Persian)
Email: fsm7@georgetown.edu
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Sylvia Önder

Teaching Professor (Turkish)
Email: onders@georgetown.edu
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Felicitas Opwis

Associate Professor, Department Chair
Email: Felicitas.Opwis@georgetown.edu
Interests: The religious sciences of Islam and the historical, social, and political environment in which Islamic thought is articulated.
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Terrence Potter

Teaching Professor
Email: Terrence.Potter@georgetown.edu
Interests: Teaching and learning of second languages, applied linguistics and onomastics (personal names)
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Suzanne Stetkevych

Sultan Qaboos bin Said Professor of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Email: ss3179@georgetown.edu
Interests: The ritual, performance and performative underpinnings of classical Arabic poetry in its literary-historical settings
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Kassem Wahba

Teaching Professor
Email: kmw43@georgetown.edu
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Sahar Mohamed Ali

Email: sgm27@georgetown.edu
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Muhammad Kassab

Email: kassabm@georgetown.edu


Mike Raish
Abdallah Soufan


Hussain Abulfaraj
Hassan Nadhem
Hamad Alajmi


Qassim Alhaddad

Affiliate Faculty, Researcher

Jaroslav Stetkevych


Charles Butterworth
Rebecca Hernandez
Maisa Al Khawaja
Ron Wolfe