MA Arabic & Islamic Studies

The Arabic and Islamic Studies M.A. program at Georgetown seeks to advance knowledge and understanding of classical and modern Islamic thought and to provide understanding of Arabophone culture and intellectual history in the pre-modern and modern periods. With a special emphasis on Arabic textual traditions, the program offers graduate training in the study of the languages, literatures, and thought of the Islamic world, and introduces students to scholarly approaches to the study of Islam.

Entering students are required to have Arabic language competence equivalent to at least that attained by the end of the third year of intensive language study in the undergraduate program at Georgetown University. In the first week of their first academic year, students who are non-native Arabic speakers are required to take an Arabic language exam administered by the department. Students who fail this exam are required to be enrolled in advanced Arabic classes, and to take the exam again at the end of the fall semester. If they still do not score satisfactorily they have until the end of the spring semester to successfully retake the exam. Students must pass the Arabic proficiency exam by the end of August of their first academic year if they are to continue in the program. Arabic language courses taken to enable students to reach the required proficiency level do not count towards the degree credits. Students who desire ACTFL proficiency certification should make arrangements with the department.

For more details on the M.A. program, please see the Graduate Handbook.

To apply, please visit the Graduate School admissions website.