OPI for Arabic Majors


  • All Arabic Majors who are enrolled in Arabic language course take a mandatory OPI once a year.
    • If not currently enrolled in an Arabic Language Course or if there is more than a semester gap in taking an Arabic course at GU, the student must take the placement exam before attempting the OPI. This also applies to native speakers.

In April of each year, Arabic majors who are enrolled in Arabic language courses, are required to take an oral proficiency interview (OPI, not the same as the proficiency exam required by BSFS and MSFS), lasting approximately 30 minutes. This is a departmental requirement. Students who do not take the test will have their Arabic final grades withheld for the semester. Majors do not need to sign-up for this exam, but will be contacted in March with more information concerning the date and time of the test.

Please contact the Arabic and Islamic Studies Department (arabic@georgetown.edu) with questions regarding the exam