Congratulations to Tuve Floden on becoming the Community Liaison Office Coordinator at the U.S. embassy in Armenia

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Tuve Floden has officially accepted the position of Community Liason Office Coordinator at the U.S. embassy in Armenia.

Tuve Floden graduated with a PhD in Islamic Studies. Tuve wrote his dissertation on “Televangelists, Media Du’a, and Ulama: The Evolution of Religious Authority in Modern Islam.” His recent work includes the memo ”Defining the Media Du’a and Their Call to Action” (published in George Washington University’s POMEPS Studies 23), the informational article ”What Do I Do With My Degree in Religion?”: Finding a Job in National and International Development” (published in AAR’s Religious Studies News), and the article ”Teach Your Kids About Ramadan With These Books” (published in the Washington Post). At the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, he also delivered a paper titled “Religion, Community Development, and the Power of the Youth Audience: A Theoretical Analysis of the Aims of Muslim Media Preachers.” For more on his work, see