AIS at MESA: 2014

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The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies was well represented at the Middle East Studies Association’s 2014 annual meeting. Papers presented by our graduate students included:

Dilyara Agisheva presented “Ibn Kemāl on Certainty and the Ottoman theological debates in the 16th century” on the panel Ottoman, Iranian, and Arab Intellectual Currents. Read an abstract of Dilyara’s paper.

Tuve Floden presented “Media Preachers as Popular Storytellers: Stories of the Prophet Muhammad, Social Development, and Leadership Theory” on the panel Transnational Islamic Television in the Middle East: Continuity and Change, which Tuve also organized. Read an abstract of Tuve’s paper.

Nabil HageAli presented “Consolidation and Differentiation: A Comparative Study on the impact of Islamic Iran’s Political Synthesis on Islamic Activism in Lebanon, post-1979″ on the panel Social Approaches to Lebanese Shiʿi History. Read an abstract of Nabil’s paper.

Amine Tais presented “Rethinking Islam in Tunisia Today: Olfa Youssef as an Example” on the panel Contesting Secular-Modernist and Islamist Thought: Global Dynamics, Local Politics and Muslim Intellectuals in a Changing Arab World. Read an abstract of Amine’s paper.