2017 Graduate Spotlight: Feriel Bouhafa

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Feriel Bouhafa

Feriel Bouhafa graduated with a PhD in Islamic Studies and is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.

During her Postdoctoral Fellowship, Feriel joined as a collaborator the team of the Research Project LIDIAC (an interdisciplinary contribution to the history of ideas centered on the disciplines of grammar, logic and rhetoric in Arabic-Islamic culture 800-1100), funded by the Excellence initiative. During her tenure, she hasparticipated in a number of conferences, in Paris in Colloque international de doctorants en histoire de la philosophie arabe Université Paris Sorbonne, October 7-8, 2016 with a paper entitled  “Averroes Moral Theory in the Bidāyat al-mujtahid,” and in Munich in the Workshop on philosophy and Jurisprudence in the Islamic world at Munich school of ancient philosophy, March 23 -24, 2017 with a paper entitled“ The relation between Shari‘a and Ethic in Arabic Philosophy: Farabi and Averroes” which will be published end of 2018. More recently, she participated, along with the research team in Freiburg, in the organizing a conference entitled Intention and Signification: Philosophy of Language Across Islamic Disciplines, 800-1200, where she also presented her new project on Ibn Aqīl’s conception of the origin of language. She has two forthcoming publications Toward an Islamic philosophy of law: Averroes’ corrective view of law under al-sunna al-maktūba and ghayr al-maktūba” in interpreting Averroes, eds. Peter Adamson and Matteo Giovanni (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming) and a second one entitled:  Islamic Rules evidence in Averroes’ Middle Commentary to Aristotle’s rhetoric” in
 Les oCmmentaires à la Rhétorique d’Aristote, de l’Antiquité à nos Jours ed. Frédérique Woerther (Paris: vrin, forthcoming).