March 22: Theology in Arabic Seminar Series – “Assessing the Conditionality of Divine Commands on Beneficial Outcomes: Moral Value Economics in Yūsuf al-Baṣīr’s Work”

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Time: Friday March 22, 2024, 12:15 EST/17:15 CET

Speaker: Dr. Gregor Schwarb, LMU Munich

Format: Zoom (RSVP required)

In this seminar, we delve into a seminal treatise by the Qaraite thinker 
Yūsuf al-Baṣīr (d. 1039/40), analyzing his rationale for endorsing the 
concept of abrogation. The document highlights how an early 11th-century 
Jewish intellectual navigated contemporary Muʿtazilī concepts to 
articulate his refined theological positions to both his Jewish and 
broader audiences.

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