April 12 – Paradigms in Greco-Arabic Philosophy: A Philosophical Workshop

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April 12, 2024, 9:30am-3:30pm

Hosted by the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

Location: Room 270, Bunn Intercultural Center, Georgetown University

Welcome/Introductions (9:30am-10am): Rodrigo Adem, Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University


Morning Session (10am-12pm):

Moderated by Therese Druart, Professor Emerita, Catholic University of America

“An Essentialist Paradigm of Arabic Metaphysics: Fārābī at the Origin of Avicenna’s Divine Essence-Existence Identification”

  • Dr. Rosabel Ansari, Stony Brook University 

“Avicenna and the Post-Mortem Destiny of the Soul: Some Evidence from the Notes on the Theology of Aristotle”

  • Dr. Michael Chase, CNRS Paris (virtually via Zoom)


Break/Lunch for Panelists (12-1:30pm)


Afternoon Session (1:30-3:30 pm): 
Moderated by Frank Griffel, Louis M. Rabinowitz Professor of Religious Studies, Yale University

“The Human as a Character Paradigm (and what this means for other animals)”

  • Dr. Bligh Somma, Fordham University.

“Al-Fārābī on Territory (maskan) and Religion (milla)”

  • Dr. Luis Xavier López-Farjeat, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City