Senior Honor Thesis Presentations


Nate Card Senior Honors Thesis Presentation

Nate Card, “Linguistic Archeology: A Contrastive Analysis of Arabic and English Idioms"
Monday, May 7th, 12-2pm in Poulton Hall Rm. 230

Kevin Chao Senior Honors Thesis Presentaion

Kevin Chao, "Al-Ghazali and the Hellenistic Skeptical Tradition"
Monday, May 7th, 12-2pm in Poulton Hall Rm. 230

Catherine Dorland Senior honors thesis presentaion


Monday, May 7th, 12-2pm in Poulton Hall Rm. 230


Alex Ridley Senior Honors Thesis Presentation

Alex Ridley, "Language Attitudes toward Queer Epithets in Arabic: A Sociolinguistic Investigation"

Wednesday April 26th, 3:00pm in Poulton Hall, Rm. 230

Synopsis: This Senior Honors Thesis investigates the language attitudes held by Arabic speaking men who identify as queer toward four epithets used to describe queer identities: lūṭī, šāḏ, miṯlī, and gay. This thesis uses two instruments to probe implicit and explicit attitudes of queer terminology: matched guise and overt questionnaire. To probe the implicit attitudes held by queer Arab men, this study experiments with a covert technique, matched guise. While the majority of matched guise studies investigate the attitudes of phonological features, this investigation extends the matched guise instrument to probe the attitudes toward lexical items. In the matched guise task, participants rank four speakers who identify as lūṭī, šāḏ, miṯlī, or gay on gradient adjective scales. In the next task, which probes explicit attitudes, participants respond to direct questions about their relationships to the lexical items under investigation. The results of both measures in the survey provide three major contributes to the intersection of sociolinguistics and the Arabic language. One, the results of this thesis contribute quantitative data to support the qualitative data about attitudes toward queer terminology in Arabic. Two, the consistent results of the matched guise and the overt questionnaire demonstrate that the guise voice technique can be extended to probe attitudes toward lexical items. Three, the findings of this thesis provide insight about in-group member's attitudes toward queer epithets to outsiders.


Zaynab Malik Senior Honors thesis presentation

Zaynab Malik, "Psychological Displacement in Nakba Literature"

Wednesday April 20th, 2:00pm in Poulton Hall, Rm. 230

Amin Gharad Senior honors thesis presentation

Amin Gharad, "Sacred War & Solidarity"

Wednesday April 20th, 2:00pm in Poulton Hall, Rm. 230


KEEGAN TEREK Senior Honors thesis presentation

Keegan Terek, "Georgetown Arabic Students Abroad: Comparing the Linguistic Perceptions of Future and Former Study Abroad Students in the Arab World."

Tuesday, April 28th, 10:30am in ICC 450


MICHAEL LESSMAN Senior Honors thesis presentation

Michael Lessman, "Triune Oneness in Yahya Ibn ‘Adi’s Treatise on Unity"

Wednesday, April 30th, 1:00pm in Poulton 230


CAITLIN ATTAL Senior Honors Thesis Presentation

Caitlin Attal, "The Media War in Syria: a Battle for the Last Word"

Wednesday, April 17th, 12:30 PM in Poulton 230

ARIANA MARNICIO Senior Honors Thesis Presentation

Ariana Marnicio, "Muslim Women, Sex, and Lingerie: Her Private Side Made Public"

Wednesday, April 17th, 12:30 PM in Poulton 230