Procedures and Requirements


Deadline to apply for Fall admission is 15 December. We do not offer Spring admission at this time.

1. Students should discuss their eligibility with their faculty adviser and complete the departmental B.A./M.A. Course Plan in the Fall semester of their junior year. Students should then fill out the Graduate School application for admission and attach or submit the following items: the completed course plan, a personal statement describing the applicant’s reasons for wanting to do the accelerated BA/MA, three letters of recommendation, and a current transcript. No GRE is needed for the Accelerated BA/MA. The Graduate School will forward the entire application file to the department for review.

2. The department reviews the application and sends its decision to the Graduate School. Applications are reviewed in the same fashion as all graduate applications.

3. The Graduate School gives final approval and notifies the student of the decision.

Departmental Requirements:

The Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies requires coursework in both a major (Arabic) and a minor (Linguistics or Islamic Studies). Course distribution consists of: 7 courses in the major and 5 courses in the minor.

In addition to the coursework, a research paper is required, related to the work of a particular course in the major and takes the place of any term paper required for that course.

Grade average required in major and minor courses:
An overall grade average of at least an A- must be maintained and no single grade below a B.

Other requirements include an Arabic proficiency examination and a written comprehensive examination. Please see Arabic Department Master’s program guidelines for further details.