Summer Language Institute

The Language Institute offers students the opportunity to acquire or master skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in Arabic and Persian. Language instruction is proficiency-oriented and imparts cultural experiences and knowledge. The materials used are broad-based and help students develop skills for communication. Students learn how to accomplish language tasks in formal and informal situations. Assessments reflect the model of an educated native speaker as well as proficiency (American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language: ACTFL) guidelines.

Classes are small and students benefit from individual attention inside and outside the classroom. Experienced, dedicated, and diverse faculty use current techniques and incorporate technology-based instruction. The summer program provides real-time and on demand access to current media resources and the latest in classroom language learning technology. The Language Institute offers its students a gateway to an exceptional academic community at Georgetown University, a range of summer activities in the Summer School, and state-of-the-art language opportunities.

Intensive language courses offer 3 hours of daily instructional contact for 5 days and award 6 credits. Non-intensive language courses offer 1.5 hours of daily contact for 5 days and award 3 credits. Students who complete two semesters of non-intensive language will not normally be eligible to enter the next level intensive course.

For more information, and guidelines on how to apply to the Summer Language Institute, please visit the Summer School's website. 


A comprehensive undergraduate program of intensive learning in Modern Standard Arabic will last ten weeks, with courses in basic, intermediate advanced.

Content Arabic

Advanced Arabic language courses for advanced high learners are taught entirely in Arabic.. They offer undergraduate and graduate students essential subject matter learning (linguistic, cultural and political) while building their language proficiency. Courses include Arab Politics in the Middle East.


In cooperation with the Division of Eastern Mediterranean Languages, three Persian courses are offered at the undergraduate level. Intensive First Level Persian and Intensive Second Level Persian.