Persian Language & Culture Program

The Faculty of Language and Linguistics has long prided itself in the breadth and depth of language offerings provided to Georgetown and consortium students.  For many years, the Division of Eastern Mediterranean Languages, housed in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, has been the home of Persian courses. Persian has three levels  and two content courses offered each academic year, for a yearlong sequence, taught by one Full-Time Non-Tenure Line Faculty member and one Part-Time Adjunct.  Persian is taught as intensive courses at the Beginning level and the Intermediate level (12 credits in one academic year and during the summer).  The strong language offerings are complemented by courses across the university, including advanced topics and content courses in the language, as well as relevant regional courses taught in English. 

Persian minor

The Georgetown College has recently added a Minor in Persian, and undergraduates from the SFS may also obtain this minor. Read more about the Persian Minor.

Support for the Persian Language and Culture Program is provided, in part, by The Jalinous Endowed Fund for Persian Culture and Language Studies.  The Jalinous Fund supports lectures, programming, faculty and student research and teaching of, and related to, Persian language and culture at Georgetown University.  Georgetown is grateful for the support. 

National Status in Less Commonly Taught Languages

Georgetown University is one of the only universities in the nation that has been able to offer three levels of Persian, consistently, year in and year out.  This makes us an attractive choice for undergraduates and graduate students who want to be sure of getting a full spectrum of language classes without interruption. See full course listing.