Middle Eastern Movie Series


Spring 2017 Middle eastern movie series

**Food and Drinks will be provided**

Thursday April 6th - Arabic

When: 6:00pm Where: CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241)

Discussion with Heba Arafa to follow the movie

Sea Laughter

Written and directed by Muḥammad Kāmil al-Qalyūbī

Synopsis: The story takes place in Alexandria around Ḥasan, a hard-working employee who never gets the praise or promotion he deserves. He suddenly decides to make some major changes in his life; so, he abandons his wife, quits his job, roams around the streets searching for his self-esteem and for things he hasn't done before. He marries four new women but eventually divorce them. When he meets Naʿīma, he finds in marring her all the stability and security he always wanted. Having received his first baby from Naʿīma, he refuses to get back to his early life.

Tuesday April 18th - Arabic

When: 6:00pm, Where: CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241)

Discussion with Abdallah Soufan to follow the movie

Mirsīdis (or Mercedes)

Written and directed by Yousry Nasrallah (Yusrī Naṣr Allāh)

Synopsis: This is a story of a man whose young years fall during dramatic political events, including the collapse of the Soviet empire.

Monday April 24th - Turkish

When: 2:00pm Where: CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241)

Korkuyorum Anne (in Turkish with English Subtitles)

Directed by Reha Erdem, Written by Reha Erdem & Nilüfer Güngörmüş

“Mom I’m Scared”

In an Istanbul apartment building where neighbors, friends, and family are living in close quarters, the main protagonist’s loss of memory spurs a search for the meaning of being human. Director Reha Erdem sheds light on the cultural, communal construction of masculinity with a light touch and slyly amusing style.


When: 3:30pm Where: CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241)

Facing Mirrors - Aynehaye Rooberoo

Rana has chosen a path in order to support her family, while Adineh (Eddie) has fled his home and city to escape his complicated situation as a transsexual man prevented from living as his true self by his family. They find themselves on the same journey and caused to know each other in a better way.



Feb. 4th -- Persian: The Song of Sparrows, Discussion following the film with Yasser Teimouri

Feb. 11th -- Turkish: Kusursuzlar (The Impeccables), Discussion following the film with Dr. Filiz Cicek

Feb. 18 -- Arabic: Sigara wa Kass (A Cigarette and a glass), Discussion following the film with Mejdulene Shomali

Feb. 25 -- Arabic: The Attack, Discussion following the film with Nana Asfour

Where: CCAS Boardroom, ICC 241

When: 5:30pm



The Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies Department invites you to join us for a movie screening series, with a discussion after with a Professor. Pizza and drinks will be provided in ICC 227 at 5:30pm.

Feb. 5: Son of Babylon (followed by discussion with Ghayda Al Ali)

Feb 12: 'Ajami (followed by discussion with Dima Ayoub)

Feb 19:  Al-Leil (followed by discussion)

Spring Arabic Film Series

The Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies and Center for Contemporary Arab Studies are proud to present our spring film series. Pizza and refreshments will be provided.

Thursday January 22nd, 5:30pm, Location: CCAS Boardroom ICC 241

Silences of the Palace
Thursday January 29th, 5:30pm, Location: CCAS Boardroom ICC 241

Al Bayda wa al Hajar
Thursday February 5th, 5:30pm, Location: CCAS Boardroom ICC 241

Port of Memory
Thursday February 12th, 5:30pm, Location: CCAS Boardroom ICC 241