Arabic Lecture Series


Mohamed El-Sharkawi (Wayne State University)

"The ecology of Language Variation in Arabic"
3 April, 2:00-4:00pm, CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241)



Jonathan Owens (University of Bayreuth)
"Arabic Exceptionalism and the Dangers of Metonymic Thinking"
13 November, 3:00pm, ICC 241

Liesbeth Zack (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
"Interpreting Historical Linguistic Texts: The Case of 19th-Century Egyptian Arabic"
12 April, 3:00pm, McShain Lounge Small (McCarthy Hall)


John Eisele (College of William and Mary)
"The 'Arabic Links' project: Dealing with Linguistic Reality, Dissonance, and Choice in Teaching Arabic"
29 September, 4:00pm, Poulton 230

Clive Holes (University of Oxford)
"Colloquial poetry: the vox populi of the Arabs"
31 October, 4:00pm, ICC 241 (CCAS Boardroom) 


Claire Kramsch (University of California, Berkeley)
New Perspectives on Culture in Foreign Language Study
22 March, 2011

Richard Schmidt (University of Hawai’i)
Attention, Noticing and Foreign Language Teaching: Issues and Implications
24 March, 2011

Dilworth Parkinson (Brigham Young University)
Using arabiCorpus: Adventures in Arabic Lexis
1 April, 2011