Arabic Literature Colloquiums


A lecture in Arabic by Hamad Obaid Alajmi

"The pre-Islamic Battle of Dhū Qār: From History to Collective Memory"

Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature, Kuwait University

Visiting Research Scholar

Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

When: Tuesday November 29th 5:00pm, Where: CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241)


This paper attempts to trace the legacy of the Battle of Dhū Qār, a celebrated, if semi-legendary, pre-Islamic victory of the Arab tribe of Bakr ibn Wāʾil and the clans of Banū Shaybān over the Persian army. Employing current concepts of Collective Memory, this study will show how narratives and poetry associated with the Battle of Dhū Qār have been perpetuated, at least since the Abbasid period, in the context of Arab-Persian rivalry. It will also focus on two modern situations in which the Battle of Dhū Qār has been evoked: the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) and the Saudi-Houthi conflict (2015-). It will address what is remembered and who remembers it; who is included and who is excluded; and, above all, what purposes the commemoration of the Battle of Dhū  Qār serves in Arab culture.

Fall 2016 Poetry Colloquium: Transgression and Invention Language, Genre and Interarts in Modern Arabic Poetry
Poetry Reading & Roundtable on Translation: The Poetry of Qassim Haddad

(Both Events will be in Arabic)

Poetry Reading by Qassim Haddad

When: Wednesday Oct. 19th, 6:00pm

Where: CCAS Boardroom (ICC 241)

Reception to Follow the Reading


Roundtable on Translation: The Poetry of Qassim Haddad

When: Friday Oct. 21st, 3:00pm

Where: ICC 450

Roundtable participants include:

Acclaimed Bahraini Poet and Critic, Qassim Haddad, Sakka Family Fund Visiting Professor, Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

Ferial Ghazoul, American University in Cairo

Sharif Elmusa, American University in Cairo

Hatem Alzahrani, Georgetown University

Hasan Alsulami, Georgetown University

Elliott Colla, Georgetown University


The Poetry of Qasim Haddad: Selected Poems and Translations

[The program will be in Arabic with the poems in both the Arabic original and English translation]

Selected, Translated and Introduced by AIS Graduate Students of:

Fall 2015 ARAB 670: Modern Arabic Poetry: Poetry and Translation

Hasan al-Sulami

Fuad Saleh

Miguel Merino

Hatem al-Zahrani

With music provided by AIS PhD student: Nicholas Mangialardi

When: Tuesday, 8 December, 5:00-6:30 

Where: Poulton Hall, Room 230

**Refreshments will be provided!

Fall 2015 - Modern Arabic Poetry and Theory


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