Anthropology & Islam Lecture Series

2014 - 2015

Samuli Schielke (Freie Universitat, Berlin)
"What Can Anthropologists and Islamologists Understand and Communicate, and to whom?"
25 September, 6:00pm, Location: CCAS Boardroom, ICC 241

Sherine Hamdy (Brown University)
"Reframing what we mean by 'Islamic Bioethics': toward an anthropological approach"
19, Februaray, 6:00pm, Location: ICC 241

Katherine Ewing (Columbia University)
"Sufism," "Islam," and the Ethnographic Gaze
30 March, 6:00pm, Location: ICC 241

Hayder al-Mohammad (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
What is the ‘preparation’ in the preparing for death?: New confrontations with death and dying in Iraq
26 March, 6:00pm, Location: ICC 241