Division of Eastern Mediterranean Languages

The Division of Eastern Mediterranean Languages is home to the following languages:




Division of Eastern Mediterranean Languages Goals and Outcomes:

Learning Goals

• To gain a fundamental grasp of Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish for immediate use. To learn strategies for handling a variety of uncomplicated tasks and for straightforward basic social situations in the language of study.

• To provide students with basic knowledge of the language to deal with topics of general interest to cope with the kinds of tasks they will encounter in actual public contexts.

Learning Outcomes

• Students will be able to respond confidently to direct questions, requests for information, and a range of other basic questions, including those having to do with personal and identity status, family and living circumstances, daily activities, interests and personal preferences. Students will have some familiarity with expressive culture in Hebrew, Persian , or Turkish, including poetry and song.

• Graduates will have capacity to produce written Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish texts that present and narrate a range of topics derived from exposure to relevant language media. Students will have tools needed to comprehend and comment meaningfully on texts such as journalistic interviews, music videos, short stories or even blogs. Graduates will confidently grasp the main points of lectures, media programs and texts on topics within their fields of interest.