Persian Minor Course Requirements

Minors in Persian Language and Culture are required to complete six courses taught in Persian.

Language Courses:
  • Intensive Persian Beginners I & II (12 credits)
  • Intensive Persian Intermediate I & II (12 credits)
  • Advanced Persian I & II (6 credits)

All six language courses are also offered during the summer. Read more about the Language Institutes at Georgetown University here.

Content Courses:

Persian Media and Translation (3 credits)
Films of the Persian-Speaking World (3 credits)

Please note:

*Students with no previous Persian background should complete all language courses through advanced. Students with previous Persian experience may substitute language courses with content courses. Students with advanced Arabic language may also be able to substitute language courses with content courses on a case-by-case basis.

*Intensive summer courses and study abroad courses taught in Persian may also be counted towards the Persian Studies minor, on the basis of placement tests and the professor’s permission.

Some Typical Paths to the Minor:

Student A: College Undergraduate discovers Persian in second year, takes:

2nd year: Intensive First Level Persian, 2 classes, 12 credits

3rd year: Intensive Intermediate Persian, 2 classes, 12 credits

4th year: Advanced Persian, 2 classes, 6 credits

Persian Minor: 6 classes, 30 credits (through Advanced Persian)


Student B: College Undergraduate, discovers Persian in junior year:

3rd year: Intensive Beginning Persian, 2 classes, 12 credits

Summer Language Institute Intensive Intermediate Persian, 2 classes, 10 weeks, places into Advanced upon return

4th year: Advanced Persian, 2 classes, 6 credits; Iranian Cinema, 1 class, 3 credits

Persian Minor: 5 classes, 21 credits during the year; 2 classes, 12 credits during the summer (through Advanced Persian)