Courses Offered Related to Persian Speaking World

BADM 702 Project Finance: Emphasis on the Arab-PErsian Gulf
GOVT 417 U.S., Iran & The Caspian
HIST 108 Central Eurasia
HIst 160 MIddle East I
HIST 161 Middle EasT II
HIST 321 The Silk Road
HIST 323 Language, Literature, and Power in South Asia
Hist 762 Seeking Justice in the Middle East
INAF 408 Islam, Revolution and US-Iran Relations
INAF 421 Religion and Politics in COntemporary Iran
INAF 494 Shi'ism and Radical Politics in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon
INAF 542 Economy of Energy and Oil
INAF 549 Post 1979 Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran
INAF 725 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
MAAS 539 Politics/Security of the Gulf
Pers 345 Persian Media: Translation & Interpretation

This class will introduce students to a wide range of media sources from the Persianate world and how to analyze and interpret Persian media in its political, social and economic context. Students will learn to critically read Persian media sources and translate and accurately summarize. This class will facilitate a more thorough understanding of Persian language regarding linguistic and cultural knowledge. Students enrolling in this class ought to be at the advanced level of reading, writing and speaking Persian language. Please contact the professor if you are unsure whether or not your current skill level is appropriate for the class. This class will be taught in Persian and is worth three credit hours. This course runs from January 7 through April 27, 2015. Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 PM – 6:15 PM.

REES 440 History and Politics of Central Asia
REES 562 Afghanistan: Politics, Geopolitics and security
Sest 578 Security Problems in the Missle East and the Persian Gulf
SEST 581 Security Issues: Central Asia
SEST 645 Power politics in the Greater Middle East
Sest 652 Iran and the Bomb
SEST 652 Iran's National Security Policies
SOCI 365 Politics and Culture of Iran
THEO 117 Islam in South Asia
THEO 184 Introduction to Shiism
THEO 350 Readings in Sufism
Turk 362 Central Asian Cultures: Literature and the Arts

Courses offered for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

HIST 109 The Islamic World
HIST 160 Middle East I
HIST 321 The Silk Road
INAF 351 Post 1971 Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran
PERS 364 Iranian Cinema and Culture
SEST 652 Iran's NAtional Security Policies
THEO 050 Introduction to Islam
THEO 157 Islam Mystical Tradition: Sufism