Accelerated AB/MA

This program allows qualified undergraduate Arabic majors to earn A.B. and M.A. degrees at an accelerated pace within five years. The undergraduate and graduate degrees are awarded sequentially, with the A.B. in Arabic awarded at the end of the senior year, and the M.A. awarded separately at the end of the fifth year or upon completion of all requirements for the M.A. degree.

This is an honors program. Students with a minimum cumulative average of 3.5 in the major are eligible to apply for the program during their junior year. Application information can be found on our website here. Students who plan to spend their junior year abroad are advised to file for A.B./M.A. status prior to departure.

The program allows undergraduates to have two graduate level courses in their major (i.e., courses numbered 350 and above) credited toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition, an undergraduate must take extra graduate-level courses as an undergraduate senior – ie. courses beyond the undergraduate degree requirements (38 courses and 120 credits) – and will count those courses toward the Master’s in Arabic. During the fifth year, the student will take 12 credits both semesters in order to complete the 36 credits required for the M.A.

Deadline for withdrawal from the program is the last day of classes of the senior year. This request must be submitted in writing to the department Chair and to Dean Anne Sullivan in the College Dean’s office.